PCD Derma Franchise

PCD Derma Franchise

Bioglint dermacare leads as a PCD derma franchise engaged in Pharma franchise and manufacturing services. We have enrooted our services across India bringing economic services and fine quality skincare products and derma medicines. Our products cover an extensive range of cleansers, anti-acne, anti-fungal, antibacterial, steroids, over the counter skin care medicines, combinations drugs, etc. The drugs are prepared under well-regulated and highly modernised production units. We care for your skin healthcare and therefore, resolve to offer you solutions that will help you maintain bright and flawless skin. Our Product range and quality make us the best PCD derma Company In India.

  • Quick Delivery Systems – 100% dispatches of the goods within 24 hours
  • The huge Profit margin on Sale
  • International Standards Being Embraced
  • Reasonable Service of PCD Franchise/Manufacturing
  • Expert Assistance
  • Monopoly Rights – Pan India level Franchise Rights
  • 100+ DCGI Approved Products
  • Attractive Promotional and Marketing Support
  • No Huge Sale Target
  • Best Packaging Solution

We at Bioglint dermacare offer one of the biggest advantages that is the PCD Derma franchise company option on a monopoly basis in India. With this option, our clients get a chance to do business in a vast zone without any hassle. The eligible candidates are provided with an extraordinary professional opportunity in the derma Franchise. Being an experienced name in the pharma industry, We put continuous efforts to satisfy our customers. We are the leading derma range company that has earned a trustworthy name in the Indian market with its top derma product manufacturing services for derma franchise. Our variety of medicine covers anti-scar, antibiotics, anti-allergic, etc which could be found in different forms of tablets, capsules, topical medication, oral suspension, liquid formulations, etc. Expertise and innovative professionals have helped to cater to better and improved services across India.

This is what Bioglint dermacare offers to its Derma PCD Pharma Associates:

Distribution and Unique Monopoly Rights: To avail our associates of all the number of benefits in the market scenario, we try to decrease the competition. We have designed distributions and monopoly rights keeping in mind our collaborators.

Free of cost Promotional Support: Promotional tools play an important role in pharma franchise associates. There is undoubtedly lots of competition in the market, but by using the right tools one can stay ahead of its peers. The Promotional kit from bioglint includes Sample, Visual Aids, LBL, Reminder cards, Visiting card, Order books, MR bags, ASM bags, Pads, Gift articles for better penetration in the market.

Extensive Product Range: We regularly launch new products to meet market requirements. Through research and development, new products have been added to our Derma product portfolio. Currently, the company has a number of products for derma franchise.

PCD Derma Company

The sales structure at Bioglint dermacare is very easy to understand and stable. The company’s growth as a pcd derma franchise or PCD distribution is going well. We are currently having countless associates across the country and other vacant locations are filling in fast. With us, our clients can enjoy monopoly rights for their desired location and several other benefits with our derma franchise. We provide the best industry packaging for long shelf life and a range of products which are in demand. Our products have good reach with sustainable pricing and this is our key strategy to grow in the market.

  • Our collaborators will get all the products on time. The Order Execution in 24 Hours.
  • All products are Excise duty-free and manufactured in a state-of-art manufacturing unit which is approved by the authorities like WHO, GMP, ISO, etc.
  • Our clients will get the medicine Update, ADR, etc.
  • An annual target incentive will also be provided to associates.
  • Monthly Promotional Schemes from the company will assist the business partner to do well in their region and make a good impression on doctors.
  • Our clients will also get the product manual and product information update as well as a monthly newsletter to be informed about the new launch and latest development.
  • We will provide our collaborators with gifts for doctors as well.
  • For a constantly changing market and changing demand, we constantly look for new and innovative products. We regularly introduce a new product in the market to help our associates grow faster.

Why Choose Us?

To become the renowned PCD derma  franchise company in India & pcd derma franchise by assuring high-quality standards, cost-effective and innovative products for today and the future helping people restore and maintain Skin Health Revolutionising trends in Pharmaceutical & Derma Cosmeceutical Formulations:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Attractive Promotional Material
  • High–Performance
  • High Standards
  • Trust
  • Large Portfolio
  • Best Quality
  • Best Packaging

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Address:  #388, Azad Nagar,Phase-II, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana-135001

Mobile: 7206070155, 7206070144

Email:  bioglintderma@gmail.com


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